Add SOTI Account Users

Before you begin

Set up and verify your domains.

Create at least one SOTI Identity user group to organize your users. SOTI Identity comes with one default user group, My Company, but you can add more to suit your needs.

About this task

Add SOTI account users and establish their user accounts in SOTI Identity for effective organization.

To add a new SOTI account user to SOTI Identity:


  1. In the SOTI Identity Admin Console, open the main menu and select Users.
  2. At the top of the Admin Console, select a directory from the dropdown menu then select Users. The list displays all the users.
  3. Select New User > User in the upper right corner of the console.
  4. In the New User dialog box, fill in details for the new user.
    First Name Enter the user's first name.
    Last Name Enter the user's last name.
    Email Enter the user's email address. A registered and verified domain in SOTI Identity must belong to the email address.
    Username Enter a username for the user. Usernames can include any alphanumeric character and the following special characters: - or _.
    Phone Number Enter the user's phone number.
    Note: Email is optional when adding a new user account, but an account must include either a username or email address.
  5. Optional: Make the user or group a SOTI Identity account administrator. Leave unselected if the user only needs access to other SOTI ONE applications.
    Note: Account administrators can manage and modify all settings in your SOTI Identity console and account so you should be careful who you make an account administrator.
  6. Choose which SOTI Identity groups the user should belong to.
    You can add a user to more than one group.
  7. Select the Password Set By option.
    The default value is User. If a user has an email, the system sends a link to set their login and password.

    If the user has not provided an email, set this option to Admin. The administrator must then give and confirm the password.

  8. Select Status on creation.
    The default value is Active, which means the user account is active immediately on creation. Select Staged to activate a user at a later time.
  9. Optional: In the Comments field, enter notes about the user that you think might be useful.
  10. Select Next to add the new user.
  11. Optional: Assign apps to the user by selecting Add beside Manage Apps. A list of available apps appears. You can filter the list by entering search criteria in the search field.
  12. Select all apps you want to assign to the user.
  13. For each application, assign a user role to the user.
    If the role selection dropdown is unavailable, then the application has no roles added. You can choose to assign an app without assigning a user role but on most applications, users need at least one role to have access to the application. Some applications, such as SOTI Pulse, do not require roles.

    If role assignment is mandatory on the application you want to assign, you cannot proceed to the next step until you add a role or remove the application entirely.

    To remove an application, hover over it and then select Delete.

    Note: If you add a group, a user who is within that group keeps any roles assigned directly and inherits the roles from the group.

    You can add many roles to the same user.

  14. Select Assign to grant the user access to the selected apps.
  15. Select Done.


You have added a new local account user to SOTI Identity. The new SOTI account user receives a welcome email from SOTI Identity with details on how to activate their account.

After you assign an application to the user, they can see its tile in the SOTI ONE Portal.