Get Started

When you register your first SOTI ONE application, it automatically triggers the creation of a new SOTI Identity customer account. Each subsequent SOTI ONE Platform application registered to you will be added to the same SOTI Identity account.

This process is automated for new SOTI ONE Platform customers. Your SOTI ONE Platform administrator will receive an email with the details of your SOTI Identity account, including your Company ID and URL and instructions on how to log into SOTI Identity.

Note: If you are upgrading from a version of SOTI MobiControl that did not support SOTI Identity, (SOTI MobiControl v14.4 or earlier) you need to contact SOTI support to get SOTI Identity configured.

To log into the SOTI Identity console, enter your SOTI Identity company URL into a supported browser. Your Company URL looks like this: where company-id is the unique identifier for your organization.

You can also enter the SOTI Identity URL without your Company ID:, but you may be prompted to enter your company ID separately as part of the log in process. Generally, SOTI Identity recognizes your company ID from the domain name in your email address.

Tip: If you forget your company ID or have multiple SOTI Identity accounts associated with the same email address, click Forgot Company ID? when you log in and SOTI Identity will send an email message with all of the company IDs associated with that email address.