Assign Applications to Users

About this task

When you assign an application to a user, you also assign them a role that grants permissions to perform actions within the application.

Note: This process yields the same outcome as if you assigned a user to an application in the Applications view. Choose whichever method works best for you.

To assign an application to a user:


  1. In the SOTI Identity Admin Console, open the main menu and select Users.
  2. At the top of the Admin Console, select a directory from the dropdown menu then select Users. All users are displayed in the list.
  3. Select the user to whom you want to assign applications.
    You can only assign applications to one user at a time.
  4. Select Assign Application from the User Actions bar.
  5. In the Edit User dialog box, under the Assigned Apps tab, select Add.
  6. For each application, assign a user role to the user.
    If the role selection dropdown is unavailable, then the application has no roles added. You can choose to assign an app without assigning a user role but on most applications, users need at least one role to have access to the application. Some applications, such as SOTI Pulse, do not require roles.

    If role assignment is mandatory on the application you want to assign, you cannot proceed to the next step until you add a role or remove the application entirely.

    To remove an application, hover over it and then select Delete.

    Note: If you add a group, a user who is within that group keeps any roles assigned directly and inherits the roles from the group.

    You can add many roles to the same user.

  7. Select Assign.


When users log into the SOTI ONE portal, they can see a tile for each application assigned to them.