LDAP and IdP Management

Integrate your external identity management systems with SOTI Identity and make your users productive faster. As users need to access more and more disparate resources, it's often tedious and redundant to create a separate user index for every resource. SOTI Identity bypasses this annoyance and allows you to reuse your existing user and user group structures to control access to SOTI ONE applications.

SOTI Identity can retrieve user data from both LDAP and Identity Provider (IdP) connections. You can assign sets of permissions at the user (with the exception of SAML-based IdPs) and group level so it's easy to work within your existing user hierarchies to create access controls that fit the needs of each application. Plus, now that your users don't have to remember another set of credentials, they're less likely to choose weak passwords.

How SOTI Identity handles LDAP and IdP connections