Add New Users in Bulk

About this task

To save time when you need to add a large number of new users, you can do a bulk upload from a CSV file. This saves you from having to add each user individually. Bulk User upload is only available from a SOTI Identity directory (local DB account).


  1. From the New User dropdown menu, select Bulk Users.
  2. If you have a formatted CSV file, drag and drop it onto the file area or click Browse to locate it. Otherwise, a CSV template is available to help you build your bulk upload file.
    Bulk user upload screen
  3. Click Add.


The bulk upload begins. If the upload is successful, new users are added.

Tip: You can track the status of your bulk user uploads through the Notifications view. Successful uploads are indicated by a green checkmark. Unsuccessful uploads are indicated by a red exclaimation mark. Downloadable error reports are generated for unsuccessful uploads.
Bulk user upload notifications
Note: Up to 10 notifications are displayed at a time and are available for 1 month.