User Management

Manage your users, user groups and their access to SOTI ONE Platform applications from a single point. SOTI Identity enables you to add users and perform a variety of user management tasks upon them.

Users are organized into user groups for easier user management. You can perform actions on individual users, on multiple users or on entire user groups at once. You can place a user in multiple groups.

In SOTI Identity, users are managed from the Users view. Inside the Admin Console, click the main menu and select Users.

You can manage three types of users within SOTI Identity: SOTI account users, LDAP users and IdP users.

SOTI Account Users Local users that are created directly within SOTI Identity. They have a SOTI Identity account which they use to access SOTI ONE applications.
LDAP Users Users whose information is pulled from an LDAP connection.
IdP Users Users whose information is verified by another IdP and relayed to SOTI Identity.