account administrator

A user role in SOTI Identity that grants users full administrator rights to the SOTI Identity console, allowing them to add users, applications, LDAP or IdP connections and more.


The service for which the identity provider, SOTI Identity, provides authentication and authorization services. Also called a service provider (SP).

application user

A SOTI Identity user role. Users assigned this role can access applications approved for them by an SOTI Identity administrator.

Azure AD

Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The identity management component of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. In SOTI Identity, it is available as a third-party identity provider.


The user interface of SOTI Identity. It is split into the SOTI ONE portal (where application users access their approved applications) and the SOTI Identity Admin Console (where administrators make changes to SOTI Identity).


A collection of user information. Used to refer to LDAP specific directories.


A user directory service currently developed by HCL Technologies (previously developed by IBM). Also called HCL Domino.


Enterprise Mobility Management. Software and services used to manage mobile devices and their adjacent functionality. That is, application management, content distribution, wireless connections, and so on. EMM is an evolution of mobile device management (MDM).


Identity Provider. An identity management authority that issues authentication services to reliant service providers (applications).

identity management system

Any system that manages user information and access control rights to other systems or applications. In this document, it generally refers to IdP and LDAP connections.


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A protocol for exchanging directory information between resources.


Mobile Device Management. Software and services to oversee the usage of mobile devices, particularly in enterprise environments.


Managed Service Provider. A third-party company or person that manages a users' application, network, account, data, or security. An MSP provides regular support and assumes administrative responsibilities.

Okta SSO (single sign-on)

A third-party identity provider.

OneLogin SSO (single sign-on)

A third-party identity provider.

Open Directory

A user directory service developed by Apple.

service provider

The entity for which the identity provider provides authentication and authorization services. More commonly called an application in this document.

Shibboleth SSO

A third-party identity provider.


Single Sign On. A system where users can log in once and access multiple, independent resources.

SOTI Cloud Link Agent

A SOTI product that securely extends on-premises enterprise services (such as LDAP connections) to SOTI Identity.

SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI products designed to integrate smoothly with each other and deliver solutions for every EMM need.

user role

A label that groups a set of permissions (defined in the application) that a user receives when assigned to an application.