Application Management

Add applications to SOTI Identity to manage user access from a single location.

Manage applications from the Applications view. From the main menu, select Applications.

Applications view

Each application in SOTI Identity refers to a separate instance. You can have many instances of SOTI MobiControl or SOTI Connect, but only one instance of cloud apps, such as SOTI Snap or SOTI XSight, for each SOTI Identity account. Each application instance has distinct user roles assigned to it.

Tip: Search for applications alphabetically or use the search field to find a specific application.

Adding Applications to SOTI Identity

The process for placing an application under SOTI Identity management varies depending on the application.

Note: As of October 31, 2019, all new installations of SOTI ONE Platform applications are automatically configured with SOTI Identity. This includes:
  • SOTI MobiControl as of v15.0
    • SOTI XSight gets configured as part of SOTI MobiControl
  • SOTI Connect as of v1.1
  • SOTI Snap as of v2.0.2
  • SOTI XSight as of v1.0
  • SOTI Pulse

To disassociate your application from SOTI Identity, contact SOTI Support. You cannot disassociate SOTI XSight or SOTI Snap from SOTI Identity.

SOTI Identity is not supported on offline deployments of SOTI MobiControl or SOTI Connect because it relies on an internet connection. Additionally, you cannot bring user management structures from existing deployments of SOTI MobiControl or SOTI Connect into SOTI Identity. You must recreate the user structure manually.

Once you associate an application to SOTI Identity, you can no longer manually create user roles in that application.

Existing SOTI ONE Platform Users

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of a SOTI ONE Platform application, you must complete some configuration steps to use SOTI Identity for user management.

Application Association Process
SOTI MobiControl Contact SOTI Support to set up an SOTI Identity account and then follow the steps outlined in Add a SOTI MobiControl Instance
Note: Requires SOTI MobiControl v15.0.0 or later
SOTI Connect Contact SOTI Support to set up an SOTI Identity account and then follow the steps outlined in Add a SOTI Connect Instance
Note: Requires SOTI Connect v1.1 or later
SOTI Snap After updating to SOTI Snap v2.0.2, a SOTI Identity account is automatically configured for your instance. SOTI Snap users and roles migrate to SOTI Identity.