Assign a Tenant Administrator

Before you begin

You may only assign tenant administrator privileges to existing user accounts. To create a new user, see Add SOTI Account Users.

About this task

Assign tenant administrators to manage specific clients and applications within an MSP tenant. A tenant administrator has access to:
  • The SOTI ONE Portal
  • The Tenant portal
  • The Client's applications
  • The Client's SOTI Identity console
Note: This user role is only available for MSP tenants to assign.


  1. In the SOTI Identity Admin Console, open the main menu and select Users.
  2. Find and select the user to assign as tenant administrator.
    Tip: Use the search bar to find users by name.
  3. Select Edit in the action bar.
    The Edit User dialog box opens.
  4. From User Role, select Tenant Administrator.
    Note: An email address is mandatory for tenant administrators.
  5. Select Update.


The user is a tenant administrator.