Integrate SOTI MobiControl with SOTI Identity

Before you begin

Add your SOTI MobiControl instance to SOTI Identity. Ensure the SOTI MobiControl credentials that were generated while adding the instance to SOTI Identity are nearby.

About this task

To link SOTI MobiControl to SOTI Identity:


  1. In the SOTI MobiControl console, open the main menu in the top left and select Global Settings.
    If you are in the legacy console, go to the All Platforms tab and the Servers tab.
  2. Select SOTI ONE > SOTI Identity to open the SOTI Identity page.
  3. Configure the integration as required:
    1. Enter the SOTI Identity URL for the SOTI Identity account that manages users for this instance of SOTI MobiControl.
    2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret information for your SOTI MobiControl instance.
  4. Select Save to save your settings and close the SOTI Identity dialog box.
  5. Configure single sign-on (SSO) for your device types. See the following help topics for details:


You have associated SOTI MobiControl with aSOTI Identity account. The two products exchange data and communicate to keep synchronized. Any changes made to users and their user roles in SOTI Identity are automatically reflected in SOTI MobiControl.

What to do next

Assign user roles for SOTI MobiControl users. User roles organize permissions for each application.

Learn more at Control User Access to Apps.