Grouping SOTI MobiControl Applications

About this task

Group SOTI MobiControl apps and choose the instance to enable them to communicate with linked SOTI XSight services. Instances are either Primary (Consumer) or Secondary (Provider).


  1. In the SOTI Identity web console, open the main menu and select Applications.
  2. Select a SOTI MobiControl application. You must associate the application with SOTI XSight.
  3. Select the Manage Group icon. The Group MobiControl Apps dialog box opens.
    Manage Group icon
  4. Enter a Name and Description.
  5. From the Manage Group section, select Add.
  6. Select the application that you want to group.
    Note: You can search for an application by using the Search bar.
    Manage Group section
  7. Select Create.


You have grouped selected SOTI MobiControl applications. A single SOTI XSight instance can access the data from of all the grouped SOTI MobiControl instances from the Primary SOTI MobiControl instance.