Add a Third-Party SAML Application

Before you begin

Retrieve the metadata for the application from its service provider. This is in the form of a file or a URL to a file.

About this task

Third-party apps are non-SOTI ONE applications. After adding them to SOTI Identity, you can log into SOTI ONE apps and non-SOTI ONE apps with the same credentials.


  1. In the SOTI Identity Admin Console, select main menu in the top-left and select Applications. The Applications page opens.
  2. Select New Application and select SAML Application from the list.
    New Application list
    The Add Application window opens.
  3. Enter SOTI MobiControl Application Name, Application Logo, and Description for your profile.
    Field Description
    Application Name Enter a name for this application.
    Application Logo Logos are optional. Drag an image file to use as a logo, or select Change Logo to browse your file system for an image file.

    Image files can be a maximum of 1MB and 300 × 300 px.

    Description Add a description for this instance (maximum of 120 characters). A description is helpful to distinguish multiple instances of the same application type managed by a single SOTI Identity account.

    The Description also appears in the application tile in the SOTI ONE Portal.

  4. Connect the application service provider to SOTI Identity. Upload a SAML metadata file from the application service provider or enter a URI to the metadata file. SOTI Identity automatically populates the rest of the metadata fields with the data it receives from the metadata file or URI.
    Important: Avoid manually editing the metadata values because it can break the connection between SOTI Identity and the application.
  5. Define mappings for attributes.
  6. Select Metadata Downloads in the top-right of the dialog box to download the SOTI Identity metadata file and the SOTI Identity certificate. You need these files to connect SOTI Identity to the third-party app.
  7. Select Add to save the application. Assign the application to users.


You have added an application to SOTI Identity. Access the application from the SOTI Identity dashboard with SSO.