Add a SOTI Connect Instance

About this task

To add a SOTI Connect instance to SOTI Identity:


  1. In the SOTI Identity console, open the main menu in the top left and select Applications from the dropdown menu to open the Applications view.
  2. Click the Add Application button in the top right corner and select SOTI Connect from the dropdown list.
  3. In the Add SOTI Connect dialog box, enter SOTI Connect Instance Name, Application Logo and description for your profile.
    Field Description
    Application Name Enter a name for this application.
    Application Logo Logos are optional. Drag an image file to use as a logo, or select Change Logo to browse your file system for an image file.

    Image files can be a maximum of 1MB and 300 × 300 px.

    Description Add a description for this instance (maximum of 120 characters). A description is helpful to distinguish multiple instances of the same application type managed by a single SOTI Identity account.

    The Description also appears in the application tile in the SOTI ONE Portal.

  4. Click on Add and Generate Credentials to generate the application credentials which include the Client ID, Client Secret and SOTI Identity URL.
    Tip: Click the Copy icon to copy the application credentials to your computer's clipboard. You'll need them later when you connect SOTI Identity to SOTI Connect.
  5. Click Done to save the application settings.


The application is saved as a Draft. It will change to Active once you finish SOTI Identity's integration with SOTI Connect.

Applications are listed alphabetically. If you don't see the app you just added, try the search field or looking at subsequent page.


What to do next

Integrate your SOTI Connect instance with SOTI Identity.