Top French e-commerce company, Cdiscount, increases employee productivity and reduces downtime with SOTI ONE Platform

Cdiscount relies on SOTI ONE Platform to optimize their business-critical mobility and improve business operations using SOTI MobiControl

26 February 2019 -- FRANCE -- SOTI Inc., the world's most trusted provider of mobile and IoT management solutions, has helped reduce the amount of time and resources it takes for company Cdiscount to manage their mobile devices through the SOTI ONE Platform, enabled by industry leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution SOTI MobiControl. With SOTI MobiControl, Cdiscount can now enroll and update devices in a matter of seconds, using critical features such as remote control and kiosk mode.

The efficiency of the SOTI ONE Platform has had a major impact on Cdiscount’s operations, demonstrating how important and critical mobility is for businesses to succeed. “SOTI offers a comprehensive solution that is not only reliable, but greatly streamlines our business operations. For 12 years, SOTI MobiControl has been instrumental for maximizing the productivity of our mobile workforce. No other company has the same level of knowledge and experience when it comes to migrating from Windows CE to Google Android,” said Mr. Francois Crugeon, Manager, Internal Logistics Infrastructure at Cdiscount. “We have time to focus on what’s important which is expanding our business and creating a seamless experience for our customers.”

“Today mobility is a necessity. These tools increase the speed and efficiency of business operations and enable the effective management of important applications and content across multiple devices,” said Stefan Spendrup, Managing Director, Nordics, France and Benelux, SOTI.

As e-commerce French leader, Cdiscount offers a wide range of products which includes appliances, technology, cultural goods, and more (40 million references). Cdiscount was an early adopter of mobile technology to support their warehouse operations. For more than 12 years, they have relied on SOTI MobiControl to secure and manage their Motorola handheld computers (MC 32N) running Microsoft Windows CE7. Over the next two years, Cdiscount plans to upgrade legacy devices to new Zebra devices (smartphones, tablets & barcode scanners) running Google Android and SOTI Android+. Cdiscount needed SOTI to provide the same level of management and security to their new Android devices that they were accustomed to on their Windows CE devices. Cdiscount plans to complete their Zebra/Android device migration by 2020. During this migration, Cdiscount will rely on SOTI’s Android expertise and SOTI Android+ to provide the same level of security and management they are accustomed to.

When fully deployed, Cdiscount plans to exploit the power of Android to unburden their IT department and create more self-service functionality for their users.

To learn more about how Cdiscount unleashed the power of mobility to transform their business operations, read their case study here:   

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