Keeping Up with Your Shoppers

Mobility is changing the retail landscape, influencing the shopping experience, and touching every part of the value chain. In response to these changes, retailers are creating business mobility strategies. This includes more purpose-built and consumer-grade mobile devices to support their omnichannel strategy. SOTI provides a 360 degree view of mobility management across the entire retail value chain. We help streamline retail operations, protect regulated data, and empower employees to keep pace with the customer’s changing demands. SOTI helps you make your sales.

The Game Of Retail

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  • Make Mobility Part of your Retail Operations

    Retailers are looking to do more with their mobile devices. They want to deploy and manage company software, applications and content through a centralized, configurable and scalable system. SOTI makes mobile device support easy. We let you lock down devices, push customized content directly to managed devices and enable zero-touch configuration for the rapid staging and provisioning of purpose-built devices.

  • Protect your Retail Regulated Data

    Retailers are expanding the use of mobile devices across their operations. Smartphones and tablets are being used for accepting payments in retail locations. Mobile devices used as Point of Sale terminals (POS) must adhere to the PCI-DSS standard to protect customer data. SOTI EMM solution assists retailers meet the requirements mandated by the PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines.

  • Fast and Easy Device Provisioning

    Getting properly configured new devices into the hands of your employees can be slow and costly. And once those devices are in the stores, updating them can be an even bigger pain. SOTI makes device deployment and updating fast and easy. Our rapid provisioning gets one or hundreds of devices properly configured and ready to go in minutes. SOTI also delivers quick provisioning for smart peripherals such as connected printers. You will save money by speeding the deployment and minimizing the downtime of new devices remotely.

  • Devices in the Aisles

    New peripherals, new attachments and new applications are extending the reach of retail mobile devices into the aisles. Self-serve kiosks provide stock and product information and mobile POS terminals allow retail workers to make sales face to face with the customer away from the till. This can improve the customer sales experience and increase revenue per customer. SOTI improves the management and security of these devices by enforcing authentication, and adding data encryption. In addition, our geofencing features can restrict or shut down devices that leave the premises.