The Internet Of Things Runs On Linux

SOTI MobiControl Supports End-to-End Management Of Business-Critical Linux Devices

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How Are You Managing Your Fleet of Linux-Powered Devices?

Linux in the Enterprise

Linux is embedded in numerous enterprise devices and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints. These devices and endpoints require diligent security from initial deployment to retirement; otherwise, sensitive corporate and customer data is at risk of being lost, stolen or compromised.

SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, delivers Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints. Whatever your industry or mobile operation requirements, SOTI MobiControl protects your Linux devices – and that data on them – against unauthorized access and exploitation.

At the same time, SOTI MobiControl makes it easy to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix problems in the field to minimize frustrating downtime and maximize worker productivity.

Why Manage Your Linux-Powered Device Fleet with SOTI MobiControl?

  • Device Monitoring

    Collect and monitor health statistics from apps, files or devices, ensuring you have comprehensive, real-time visibility into the performance and status of your Linux-powered deployments.
  • Support

    Remotely view and control your Linux device for superior support, reduced downtime and secure access to its apps and data.
  • Task Automation

    Perform regular device maintenance, health check-ups and software update installations using SOTI’s task scheduler feature.
  • Security

    Lockdown your managed devices anytime, anywhere, to maintain security, compliance and protect sensitive data.
  • Personalized

    SOTI works with you to develop and implement end-to-end management for all your essential mobility requirements.
  • Deployment

    Leverage SOTI MobiControl’s rich enrollment capabilities to rapidly deploy devices, content and apps.

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Manage your Linux-powered devices, anywhere and anytime, with the SOTI ONE Platform.