Analyzing the SOTI ONE Platform

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The SOTI ONE Platform Diagram

The Evolution of the SOTI ONE Platform

After years of experience and knowledge gained from working in the mobile space dating back to 2001, SOTI came to realize that for our customers to truly leverage the power of mobile technology, a new category of software was needed. With this insight in mind, we got to work on building the SOTI ONE Platform in 2015.

In 2017, SOTI released the first version of the SOTI ONE Platform. The SOTI ONE Platform is an integrated set of tools and technologies that deliver powerful new services to our customers. The following is a list of some of the unique capabilities of the SOTI ONE Platform:

  • Integrated Management SOTI MobiControl provides the business-critical control center from which our customers can manage Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and other devices in a single pane of glass.

  • Create Apps in Minutes icon

    Create Apps in Minutes SOTI Snap allows apps to be created in minutes that run on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Minimize Downtime icon

    Minimize Downtime SOTI XSight has the support and management tools needed to fix mobile device problems faster and analytics insights to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions around your business-critical mobile strategy.

  • Deliver Data 10X Faster SOTI XTreme technology delivers apps and data 10X faster than competitive solutions.

  • Secure Your Data icon

    Secure Your Data SOTI Identity provides secure access and single sign-on capabilities.

  • Manage Anything icon

    Manage Anything SOTI Connect allows organizations to deploy, manage, update, secure and troubleshoot their business-critical printers anytime and anywhere.

  • Collaborate icon

    Collaborate SOTI Pulse provides a portal for our customers, partners and SOTI, to share information and collaborate.

The SOTI ONE Platform transcends traditional MDM/EMM/UEM products. The days of using siloed solutions that do not work with one another are over.

We see the SOTI ONE Platform as the modern electric car of the mobile era.

Analysts and the SOTI ONE Platform

In 2015, as we were developing the SOTI ONE Platform, we shared our view with analysts that current quadrants do not align with our business strategy and called on industry analysts to adjust to changing market conditions. We tried to work with firms, including Gartner, to make them aware that the needs of business-critical mobility were changing and are different from the narrow focus of “Bring Your Own Device” white collar office workers.

Our customers use our technology for mission-critical business needs. We asked for a new category to be created to fairly compare next generation integrated solutions like the SOTI ONE Platform.

In 2017, with the release of the SOTI ONE Platform, SOTI made the decision to opt out of participating in traditional analyst reports, quadrants and evaluations. SOTI does not pay analysts to evaluate our products as do other companies. As a result, analysts are not given product demonstrations of the SOTI ONE Platform, provided with roadmap information or given access to our software. Analyst firms therefore do not have the relevant materials to perform an evaluation of our technology.

Our decision was based on the fact that analyst firms do not have a category that aligns with the capabilities of the SOTI ONE Platform. The SOTI ONE Platform is a new and innovative category of software. To date, no analyst firm has created a category for this new class of software. We felt that taking part in old school categories, would be like comparing a modern autonomous electric vehicle to a traditional gas guzzling car.

Our DNA – We are a visionary company; they have not found a cookie cutter that fits our shape

  • We are different – SOTI has evolved our product suite beyond the traditional UEM category to tackle core mobility and IoT challenges.

  • We focus on business-critical mobility – Most analyst firms put heavy emphasis on BYOD and UEM for office workers. SOTI focuses on helping companies that use mobility for business-critical purposes – when it just needs to work.

  • We have outpaced the traditional UEM/MDM market – SOTI continues to grow faster than the UEM market, with sustained and consistent revenue growth. We are consistently profitable, with a hundred consecutive quarters of profitability. Our integrated business-critical focus is taking market share, as customers reduce their investment in traditional UEM/MDM solutions.

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