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Learn about how the SOTI ONE platform is transforming mobility and IoT to help companies re-invent their business.

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  • Focus on Business-critical Mobility

    Some business solutions are mission-critical; when they go down, they can bring the company to a standstill. Other solutions can be classified as business-critical; their absence can significantly affect the performance of the company and its ability to execute its core business.

  • Differentiate the Customer Experience

    A company cannot succeed without loyal customers. In this era of pervasive digital technology and always-on social media, it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself from your competitors. One way to do this is to use mobile technology to tap into the growing buying power of the Millennials, the "Digital Natives."

  • Drive Business Transformation

    Business transformation' is over-used, but not always understood. In some cases, it describes a company that completely changes their line of business, think Netflix. But another, equally valid definition is when a company fundamentally changes the way they operate their business through the use of digital technology.

Peninsula Hotels is a prestigious hotel chain based in Hong Kong that also operates luxury properties all over the world. Peninsula Hotel guests are accustomed to top quality service. Peninsula Hotels proactively seeks new ways to continually offer best-in-class experiences. By providing in-room tablet-based control systems their guests now have hotel-specific controls at their fingertips, while also having immediate access to guest information. Looking for best-in-class management of these tablets led Peninsula Hotels to choose SOTI. 

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