Privacy Mission Statement

Recognizing the fast pace of technology and its constant evolution, the protection of an individual’s online privacy is a true concern in today’s digital economy.  SOTI’s mission is to enable organizations with the right tools to address the awareness of the changing landscape of online privacy.  SOTI is committed to providing the highest level of integrity as it relates to the accountability organizations are held to in respect of the collection, processing and retention of information of an individual.

Our privacy policy enables both our partners, new and existing customers the ability to make informed choices of how and why data is being collected, used, shared, and how it will be used within the specific SOTI products and services.

The following principles set the foundation of SOTI’s stance on privacy:

  • Access: As the owner of the information, you have the control over the privacy of information provided to and processed by SOTI
  • Transparency: We will be transparent about the data collected and how that information will be used so as to allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Security: Using strong security and encryption techniques, SOTI will protect the data entrusted to us by organizations and individuals using SOTI products and services
  • Legal Protections: As a global organization, SOTI respects local privacy laws and will work with you to ensure your legal rights of privacy are respected and adhered to.

The information on this website is provided to ensure you are aware of your privacy rights as it relates to the collection of data and use of SOTI products and services. For any additional privacy questions, please contact us.

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