Protect the Health of Your Business-Critical Mobile Operations

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Your organization has spent thousands of dollars to implement innovative mobile and IoT technologies that are supposed to enable your business to realize performance improvements, improve efficiency throughout every aspect of your operations and most important of all, maintain the satisfaction of people as your highest priority, both your customers and your workers.

Your business-critical mobile infrastructure is only as healthy as the integrated platform and tools in place to keep it running. Without visibility into every corner of your technology deployments, you can’t effectively monitor and maintain your devices, or provide diagnostics and remote support for your workers in the field.

If you aren’t paying close attention, the smallest device issue can knock out critical systems and processes. Or you may discover they’re working much harder than they need to be and burning out fast, resulting in increased device downtime and costly resolutions to those issues.

With so many device types, makes and models to choose from, and almost as many operating systems to consider, it’s important that organizations understand that business-critical mobile management doesn’t stop at device deployment. An integrated mobility strategy is crucial to ensuring the ongoing health of your technology infrastructure, because without one your business could be facing unexpected costs to monitor and maintain your mobile devices.

Content and app distribution are also key considerations when determining your mobile strategy. Are you currently using paper-based or manual processes that are hindering the performance of your operations? What if a line of business (LOB) enterprise-grade app could remove those hindrances? Organizations must consider what content and apps they are going to enable their workers with, how they plan to distribute content and apps, and how they plan to ensure compliant usage and maximum uptime of those devices.

It’s easy to see that without a robust mobility strategy in place, mobile technology can quickly become a cost centre, rather than a revenue driver. Fortunately, protecting the health of your business-critical mobile operations is made easy with the right integrated platform to support your technology deployments! Just follow these simple steps:

SOTI Can Protect Your Mobile Strategy

SOTI has the products, services and experience to help with any of the mobile device issues listed above:

  • Eliminate paper: Use SOTI Snap to automate paper-based processes and save trees too.
  • Keep bugs out: SOTI MobiControl protects against harmful mobile malware.
  • Travel safe: With SOTI MobiControl, you’ll always know where your devices are and where they shouldn’t be.
  • Diagnose remotely: Use SOTI Assist to instantly diagnose, resolve and troubleshoot issues impacting device performance.
  • Stay vigilant: SOTI Insight gives you real-time access to device vital signs like battery life and data usage.
  • Automate: SOTI Connect lets you send automated device rules to IoT devices such as specialized printers.

All these products are part of the SOTI ONE Platform. Think of it as a multivitamin to protect the health of your business-critical mobile operations.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself Too

Work is busy. Life is busy. With so many demands, forgetting to take care of yourself is easy.

But throughout the day, and at night, there are simple things you can do to feel restored, refreshed and relaxed:

  • Keep healthy and positive: Vitamins, exercise and nutritious eating keep your body feeling good, while frequent laughing does the same for your soul.
  • Stay connected: A great conversation can do wonders. Reach out to family, friends and your network. Everyone is in this together!
  • Get a good sleep: Sleep is where your body and mind, recharge and reset for the day ahead. A restful sleep improves your concentration and productivity.

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