Happy Retirement to SOTI Pocket Controller

Images of SOTI Pocket Controller and the rewards it has won

Way back in 2001, the concept of mobile technology was limited to Windows PDAs, Palm Pilots and pagers. Google Android and the first iPhone were still seven years away. Smartphones? Tablets? Video calls? Apps? Those things didn’t exist as we know them today.

SOTI, as it is known today, didn’t exist either. Back then, it was founder and CEO Carl Rodrigues tinkering in his basement and looking to develop a bestselling computer product.1

After several ideas and iterations, he finally hit upon something – a software system that allowed the user to control his or her mobile phone from their laptop.2 He then gave it a name: SOTI Pocket Controller.

For nearly two decades, SOTI Pocket Controller provided world-class service by enabling enterprises to remotely control and provide real-time support to mobile devices across a variety of industries including retail, transportation and logistics and field services.

But now, it’s time to say a big THANK YOU to SOTI Pocket Controller and all the customers who’ve relied on it over the years as it heads off into a well-earned retirement.


Highlights of SOTI Pocket Controller

SOTI Pocket Controller was ahead of its time when it came to the concept of delivering total control and visibility over mobile devices to the modern enterprise. This is reflected in the numerous awards it has won over the years:

  • 2003 Pocket PC Magazine Remote Host Control3
  • 2011 Superstar Award for Consumer Apps, Cloud Services or Remote Desktop Access4
  • 2011 Superstar Award for Consumer Apps, Information or File Management5
  • 2013 Superstar Award for Consumer Apps, Cloud Services or Remote Desktop Access6
  • 2013 Superstar Award for Consumer Apps, Security7


SOTI Assist Includes Everything in SOTI Pocket Controller…And More

While SOTI Pocket Controller is hitting the beach, it’s legacy and core features can still be found in SOTI Assist, along with its direct successor SOTI MobiControl, and the entire SOTI ONE Platform.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Device Snapshot, Device Screenshot and Device Logs allow you to pull detailed, precise device data from the moment an issue occurs.
  • Powerful Remote Control: Remote into problematic devices to identify issues and educate and empower the end user to resolve it themselves.
  • Collaborative Remediation Tools: Draw, annotate or whiteboard on an end user’s device screen to illustrate the cause and solution to the issues they are facing.
  • Audio and Video Recording: Record end user audio and video of the support session and attach the recording to the ticket for future reference.
  • Major OS Support: SOTI Assist supports all major operating systems, including: Android, Apple iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows and Linux.

SOTI Assist also fully integrates with the SOTI ONE Platform. Use SOTI MobiControl to create and sync incident tickets to devices. Link to SOTI Assist from any app built with SOTI Snap, and even access SOTI Assist from SOTI’s IoT solution, SOTI Connect.


Need Help Transitioning to SOTI Assist?

The retirement of SOTI Pocket Controller means that SOTI is no longer offering any support or updates to any of its iterations for Android or Windows.

If you still want to maintain access to its features, capabilities and benefits, your best option is to transition to SOTI Assist.

Need help? Have any other questions regarding SOTI Pocket Controller? Please contact us today.