Get the Company ID

About this task

In SOTI Identity, the company ID is the unique identifier for a SOTI Identity account. If your organization has multiple SOTI Identity accounts, each will have a different company ID.

If you use the same email address or username across multiple SOTI Identity accounts, you may be prompted to specify the company ID so that you're logged into the correct account. If you don't remember your company IDs, you can retrieve them from SOTI Identity.


To find the company ID for your current session
  1. In the SOTI Identity console, open the main menu in the top left and select About SOTI Identity.
    Your company ID appears in the About SOTI Identity dialog box.
To find all company IDs associated with an email address
  1. Open SOTI Identity,, in a browser.
  2. Enter an email address or username associated with a SOTI Identity account and click Next.
  3. On the Enter Company ID page, click Forgot Company ID?.
  4. Enter the email address associated with your SOTI Identity user account and click Send Email.
    You'll get an email with a list of all the company IDs associated with that email address. Make sure to check your spam filter.