System Requirements

Your environment must meet the following requirements to access the SOTI Identity console. Using the latest possible browser version is recommended for best performance.

General Requirements

Authentication requests/responses are sent between SOTI Identity and SOTI MobiControl via cloud on port 433. SOTI Identity instances use the following public IP addresses:

SOTI Identity is a cloud-based, web application that requires an internet connection.

Table 1. Supported Internet Browsers
Internet Browsers Minimum Version Recommended Level
For Desktop Devices
Google Chrome 49 Latest Version
Mozilla Firefox 52 Latest Version
For Tablet Devices (Android)
Google Chrome 52 Latest Version
Mozilla Firefox 55 Latest Version
For Mobile Devices
Note: On mobile devices, users can only access the SOTI ONE portal, view their personal profile information, and change their password.
Google Chrome 67 Latest Version
Mozilla Firefox 55 Latest Version