Reset Your Password

About this task

If you forget your password or receive the error "Entered credentials are not correct", you can reset your password to regain access to the SOTI Identity console.

Tip: Resetting your password also unlocks your account if you were locked out because you entered the wrong password too many times.

To reset your password:


  1. Go to SOTI Identity login page, enter your username or email address, and then click Next.
  2. Click Forgot Password under the password field.
  3. On the Forgot Password web page, make sure your email address or user name is entered correctly.
  4. Type the captcha to verify you are human.
    The captcha is case-sensitive. Click Reset if you need to generate new captcha.
    Forgot password web page
  5. Click Send Email.
    SOTI Identity support team sends a password reset email to the email address you entered or that is associated with your user name. Make sure to check your spam filter if you don't see the email message in your inbox.
  6. In the Reset Password email, click Reset Password.
  7. On the Reset Password web page, enter a new password followed by the same password to confirm and then click Reset Password.


You can now log into SOTI Identity with your new password.