Add Domains

Before you begin

You must have access to an email address with the same domain as the one you are adding.

About this task

To add a domain to SOTI Identity:


  1. In the SOTI Identity Admin Console, open the main menu and select Account Settings.
  2. Select Manage Domains from the left side of the view.
  3. Click New Domain in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Domains view with the New Domain option highlighted.
  4. In the Register Domain dialog box, enter your domain name.
    You must have access to an email address within the domain that you are adding. For example, if you add as a domain, you must be able to receive emails at an email address that ends in
    Note: You cannot add public domains such as or

    Refer to Domain Restrictions for a full list of prohibited domains.

    Subdomains are not inherited and you must register them separately.

  5. Select
    • Register and Verify to go directly to registering your domain.
    • Save to leave your domain in a draft state. You can register it later. However, until you register it, you cannot use this domain to add users to SOTI Identity.

      The dialog box will close but you can verify the domain later.

Register and Verify a Domain
  1. In the Verify Domain dialog box, select Email from the Verification Method dropdown list.
  2. Enter an email address within the selected domain that you have access to.
    For example, if the domain is, enter an email address that ends in where you can receive emails.
  3. Click Verify to send a verification email to the email address you specified.
    SOTI Identity sends email message to the specified email address.
  4. Open your email inbox. In the email message you received from SOTI Identity, click the link within the message to validate the email address.
    Check your spam filter if you don't see the email message in your inbox.


The domain is added to the Domains list with a Verification Status of either Verified or >Pending.

What to do next

Verify the domain if you haven't already done so.