Cheap as Chips Modernizes Retail Operations Across 51 Stores Using SOTI MobiControl

Mississauga, CANADA – December 14, 2023 – Cheap as Chips, a discount variety store who offers a diverse range of products, is utilizing SOTI MobiControl to manage its fleet of mobile devices across 51 retail stores in Australia.

As a retail chain with outlets based across regional and suburban Australia, Cheap as Chips’ a dispersed workforce presented logistical challenges. They experienced challenges in implementing, managing and maintaining its fleet of mobile devices used by store associates for inventory management and customer service activity.

“Our store associates rely on mobile devices to scan barcodes, manage inventory across different locations and process transactions from anywhere in the store, without the need for a fixed point-of-sale (POS) system. However, due to the remote locations of our retail stores, managing and maintaining devices is not straightforward,” said Daniel Whittle, Head of Technology at Cheap as Chips.   

To address the challenges faced by Cheap as Chips, retail technology agency RetailCare recommended SOTI MobiControl to manage and secure the company’s devices. SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that provides visibility and control over business-critical mobile devices, including what the devices are doing, how they are performing and what security or compliance risks they are facing.

"At RetailCare, we are dedicated to understanding our clients' needs and always aiming to align technology solutions to deliver success in achieving their objectives. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Cheap as Chips, we found SOTI MobiControl to be the best-fit solution for its comprehensive features and remote device management capabilities. Our partnership with SOTI ensured Cheap as Chips’ requirements were fully met," shared Brian Yacoub, CEO of RetailCare.

SOTI MobiControl allows Cheap as Chips to manage its entire mobile device lifecycle, from deployment to retirement, while tracking physical assets, managing apps and content as well as keeping devices and data secure, regardless of the geographic location.

Whittle explained that since implementing SOTI MobiControl, the team at Cheap as Chips is more connected than ever before. "SOTI MobiControl has been a game-changer for us. Operating with a dispersed workforce is no longer a challenge and the risk of costly device downtime is reduced. All employees have real-time access to the same information, no matter their location.”

With SOTI MobiControl, Cheap as Chips can now easily enforce security policies, such as password policies, encryption and remote wiping of lost or stolen devices. This is particularly important for retailers, where the security of customer data and sensitive business information is paramount. Furthermore, it provides Cheap as Chips with control and monitoring power, notifying them if a device was removed or changed locations.

“Advanced retail groups like Cheap as Chips rely on mobile technologies to meet customer demand. These devices require constant, proactive monitoring to maintain optimal performance by identifying and resolving any issues promptly. SOTI MobiControl enables Cheap as Chips to optimise customer service and inventory management tasks through effective remote device management to avoid costly device downtime. With an effective device management tool, Cheap as Chips can ensure that its store associates can deliver exceptional levels of customer service,” said Michael Dyson, VP of Sales, APAC at SOTI.

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