SOTI Reduces DAO Group Device Downtime and Training Cycles by 50%

SOTI MobiControl increases operational speed and productivity allowing DAO Group to scale its bottom line and customer satisfaction

Mississauga, CANADA – November 2, 2022 – DAO Group, a full-service computer systems company providing software and hardware solutions to the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) industry, reports increased productivity and cost savings as a result of its implementation of SOTI MobiControl across its device network. As enterprise technology becomes more sophisticated and customers expand their businesses, SOTI has helped reduce DAO Group’s device provisioning and customer training time by 50%, helping the fast-growing organization focus on its top priority – customer satisfaction.  

“Before utilizing SOTI MobiControl, it was tedious and time-consuming to troubleshoot multiple devices at multiple locations,” said Jorge Ortiz Sr., Managing Partner and CEO at DAO Group. “With SOTI’s technology, we now have the capability to remotely and immediately troubleshoot and update devices in the field, giving ourselves and our customers peace of mind. This has given us the time to pursue other initiatives and grow our business.”  

SOTI MobiControl has allowed DAO Group to increase its scope of work without having to increase headcount. They can now provision devices remotely in just 10 minutes – a task that used to take 45 minutes – and provide comprehensive training to their customers in just two hours, a task that previously took upwards of four hours, to prepare them for any situation out in the field.  

Troubleshooting and Diagnosing Devices in Real-Time 

Prior to implementing SOTI MobiControl, DAO Group was required to provide software updates and address device issues onsite, manually connecting to each device and causing employees to often lose a full day of work. With SOTI MobiControl, the company can now conduct software updates remotely and overnight, significantly reducing downtime during working hours. Immediate critical support can now be provided to customers within 10 minutes, keeping DAO Group’s excellent client service front and center. 

“With SOTI MobiControl capabilities, our clients can manage multiple mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints. By simplifying and streamlining the device provisioning and customer training processes with remote capabilities, SOTI MobiControl allowed DAO Group to onboard more customers while continuing to provide an excellent client experience,” said Shash Anand, SVP of Product Strategy at SOTI. 

Provisioning and Training Time Cut in Half 

SOTI’s technology also helped reduce DAO Group’s previously extensive and tedious system training cycles, making the process more efficient when it came time to train employees. Through its lifetime, DAO Group developed custom applications, supported and sold the devices such software ran on, maintained the equipment and provided the supply sales. This in turn has extended the need to train new and existing employees as the technology improves. However, with the rapid digitalization and adoption of mobile devices across various industries globally, DAO Group’s customer base also grew, requiring a scalable infrastructure like SOTI MobiControl. 

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