HAS Technology Group set to Save UK Healthcare Sector Billions of Pounds with SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl and wearable devices prevent UK’s aging population from falls and injuries

Solihull, UK – February 12, 2021 – HAS Technology Group, a global technology solutions provider with a strong heritage in health and social care, is using SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, to reduce the risk of the UK’s aging population from falling and enabling the UK’s health sector to avoid the associated costs. ARMED (Advanced Risk Monitoring for Early Detection), one of HAS’ solutions since 2016 and a registered medical device, utilizes wearable technology to collect key metrics associated with frailty and risk of falling, potentially saving the UK healthcare sector billions each year.

Wearable Devices Monitoring A Patient’s Condition Reduces Risks and Saves Money
When a patient falls and injures themselves, there is a significant likelihood of that same patient falling again in the future. According to a WHO Global Report on falls prevention in older age, 34% of those over 65 are at risk of falls, raising significant concerns regarding the future demands of the health and care services.

ARMED utilizes wearable devices to monitor a patient’s condition 24/7 and then uses this data to feed into their machine learning models. HAS was in search of a solution that would allow ARMED to help escalate risks in advance and create the triggers to allow for a quicker and more accurate diagnosis based on the early warning signals the data provided. They were keen to provide further customization to their solution and, with an aging population, it became imperative to also facilitate battery management.

Overhauling Manual Processes with Enterprise Mobility Management
The ARMED platform extracts data from smart watches, manufactured by Polar. With a customized SOTI MobiControl application controlling the smartphone, the Polar is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth and the data is transferred from the watch to the phone. This data is captured, and Medical Grade Device machine learning algorithms are applied to forewarn of medical issues and changes in the behaviour of elderly patients. This also helps healthcare practitioners to prioritize resources accordingly.

SOTI MobiControl is customized to remind the patient to put their phone and watch on charge via voice alerts if their battery is below 50%. The platform then monitors the connection between the phone and watch, guaranteeing the data is constantly being transferred. Finally, SOTI MobiControl allows patients to open or restrict certain apps and communicate on the phone without needing to interact with the device.

“ARMED is now a registered medical device and this step, along with machine learning, is significantly contributing to understanding the longer-term impacts of health and lifestyle changes in a more preventative manner,” said Brian Brown, Director ARMED at HAS Technology Group. “We are excited for the future with SOTI and making a huge difference to the quality of life for individuals.”

As an example, a fractured hip in the UK costs approximately £32,000 per person, while a fracture arm/elbow costs approximately £8,000 per person. With over 500 devices in the field, SOTI MobiControl has enabled HAS to focus on reducing falls and enabling the UK’s health sector to avoid the associated costs. With falls costing the UK healthcare sector an estimated £5 billion each year, there is now an increased interest in falls prevention technology.

“HAS Technology has created real value for ARMED customers, helping them to drive efficiencies through dynamic uses of data," said Sarah Edge, Regional Director of Enterprise Mobility, UK at SOTI. "We are proud to enable ARMED customers to securely manage their devices all in one place and deliver actionable insights that reduce the risk of injury for so many.”

For more information on how HAS Technology Group is leveraging falls prevention technology using SOTI MobiControl, read our latest case study.

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HAS Technology offers a variety of services, including CM, PAMMS and ARMED, which provide holistic prevention, commissioning and a delivery package of solutions. The group is leading the way with an innovative approach to social care technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvements in delivery and quality of care.

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