Spring 2024: SOTI Connect Update

SOTI Connect Spring 2024 Update

SOTI Connect 2024.1 delivers value throughout your business. IT administrators gain efficiency by streamlining access management via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Productivity is boosted thanks to secure access to resources behind firewalls with Cloud Link. More control and visibility over printers are provided through new dashboard enhancements.

Here are the key updates you need to know.

Active Directory and LDAP Integration: Automate User Permissions

You’re a global business. Your operations span countries and continents. You have thousands of users, each with their own set of access permissions.

Integrating Active Directory (AD) values into SOTI Connect enhances user authentication by automatically adhering to corporate policies and groups. It also verifies login credentials against the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). This allows you to securely:

  • Bulk important users from specific groups
  • Initiate password changes
  • Update permissions

A dedicated page within SOTI Connect makes it easy to create and manage LDAP connections. This support is available directly and through SOTI Identity.


Add and manage instances of SOTI Connect (and all the products and capabilities of the SOTI ONE Platform) under a single SOTI Identity account. When a user attempts to access a SOTI ONE application, SOTI Identity receives their information. It checks the login credentials and relays approval or denial back to the application. It’s simplified application deployment and user management from a single location.

Stop managing your printer and network permissions manually. Access to AD lets you take advantage of a pre-set administration list from Microsoft’s directory service. Automatically assign printer access permission for any user in your business. Also, take advantage of group imports from LDAP to save time and maintain accuracy.

Cloud Link: Securely Access Critical Business Resources

Critical resources – such as sensitive data and systems – are protected behind firewalls. By design, that’s what firewalls are supposed to do: cut off outside access to these resources. When access is required, SOTI Connect delivers it via Cloud Link.

SOTI Connect uses the Cloud Link agent to access critical, protected resources. Access and utilize resources such as Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) while maintaining your security standards.


Using the Cloud Link agent for SOTI Connect offers a familiar user interface (UI) for SOTI MobiControl users. It’s another way to extend enterprise services that are isolated behind corporate firewalls quickly, easily and securely.

Enhancements to SOTI Connect Visualization Dashboards

SOTI Connect Visualization Dashboards lets you build specialized dashboards for monitoring important details, performing actions and adjusting settings. It’s everything you need to know about the state of your printers in a customized, visually driven, easy-to-understand way.

Enjoy greater visibility and control over how you view and manage your printer deployments, with the following enhancements:

  • Slider Widget: Easily adjust selected printer properties (such as print speed and darkness levels) using the new Slider Widget. It’s an effortless, intuitive way to ensure printers are configured for maximum performance.
  • Text Box Widget: The new Text Box Widget lets you better organize and structure your dashboard by adding notes, titles, headers and any other textual information you require. It’s a practical, easy-to-use tool to make your dashboard as accessible as possible.


These features are a fraction of what’s new in SOTI Connect.

Learn about all the updates on the release notes page.

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