Forbes, Yahoo! Life and Others Agree: SOTI Knows Retail Mobile Device Management

SOTI's Retail Report featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Life and Industry Today.

SOTI and retail mobile device management is like peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin. They just go together. Our customers and partners know this. Now, with the launch of the latest SOTI retail report Techspectations: Consumer Demand for Digital Transformation in Retail, some of the biggest publications in the world recognize this too.

Here’s what various outlets in the U.S. and around the world are saying about SOTI and our experience in the retail space.

SOTI's Retail Report featured in Forbes.

SOTI Has “the Best” Research

Leading up to, and post-NRF, companies release research around the state of the retail industry. This year, Forbes Magazine declared Techspectations to be “the best one.” From their story:

  • “We talk a lot about how consumers’ expectations increase. Well, SOTI found a way to actually measure it.”
  • “The most interesting data came from year over year comparisons…”

Forbes noted that statistics in the report “really show how consumer preferences are changing – and how much they’re changing”. The article concludes by recommending retailers to read the report fully.

SOTI Report and the “Murky Retail Outlook” Based on Valentine’s Day Spending

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Forbes notes retailers are “looking for any way to get benefit out of some of the long overdue tech refreshes that they are undoubtedly going to have to go through.” But it’s “unclear…if consumers are going to pull back or keep spending.”

Much of this spending will occur in-store and Techspectations examines “how technology contributes to the in-store experience.” From the article:

  • “16-18% [of consumers] on average felt that tech made the experience worse.”

The biggest reason behind this sentiment was a “lack of staff to help resolve device issues.”

For retailers, “self-service does not mean self-help desk. Staff become default first level support whether they know anything about it or not, and this creates friction both for consumers and staff.”

SOTI's Retail Report featured in Yahoo! Life.

SOTI Data Confirms “Consumers Harbor Hesitations About AI’s Place in Retail”

Although AI is a powerful tool for retail, consumers aren’t sure about it. From Techspectations: only 23% of consumers are excited about how AI will be used by retailers.

A story by Sourcing Journal and shared by Yahoo! Life looked at why “consumers may not be jazzed about the uptick in AI” but “seem to understand it may be part of the shopping experience going forward.”

For the story, SOTI Senior Vice President, Product Strategy Shash Anand was interviewed. He summarized the challenges retailers face with AI:

  • “…retailers have been so focused on mastering AI’s influence online that it has not yet been translated to in-store tools and tech. Retailers need to build an infrastructure that allows for online benefits to be replicated in store…”

SOTI's Retail Report featured in Industry Today.

SOTI “Highlights How Retailers are Facing Challenges”

Industry Today summarized Techspecations and interviewed SOTI Senior Vice President, Product Strategy Shash Anand about how SOTI retail mobile device management solves the problems identified in the report. Their findings include:

  • “U.S. retailers face challenges due to growing reliance on emerging AI and mobile tech, resulting in consumer tech gaps with in-store devices.”
  • “Although consumers desire technology to enhance their in-store shopping, the offerings from retailers often fall short of their expectations”
  • “Retail supply chains must meet real-time demands”

When asked about AI, Anand says: “It is crucial to recognize that AI plays a significant role in harnessing deeper intelligence from devices.” About retail mobile device management: “A tool like SOTI XSight Live View can not only help you visualize your retail operations and entire supply chain – in real-time, but can also allow you to uncover operational issues immediately by merging both business and device data."

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