SOTI MobiControl Supports Microsoft Shared Device Mode

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SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, announces support for Android™ devices running Android Enterprise which have Microsoft 365 applications installed on them via Shared Device Mode.

Organizations which deploy shared devices can potentially reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) by 66%. However, the process of signing in or out of numerous apps at the start or end of a shift (for reference, 68% of employees shift between 10 apps each hour) is time-consuming.

It’s also a potential security risk if the wrong app – and the data that’s on it – is accidentally left open:

Microsoft met this challenge by developing Shared Device Mode within Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), giving users single sign-on (SSO) and sign-out capabilities to access or exit Microsoft apps which support this feature. Instead of signing into Microsoft Teams, then into an in-house enterprise app, and so forth – users only need to sign into a device once. And at the end of their shifts, users can sign-out easily with just one-click, removing all personal information for the next person to use the device. 

It’s a powerful feature designed to save users time and save organizations money and one which SOTI MobiControl will proudly support beginning in September 2023.

SOTI and Microsoft: Keeping Data Secure. Keeping Costs Down. Keeping Workers Productive

“This is another example of SOTI and Microsoft working together to develop innovative solutions to benefit our mutual customers. Organizations count upon Microsoft 365 apps to communicate and stay productive. They also rely on SOTI MobiControl to manage the business-critical devices those apps are installed on. Workers get the speed and convenience of SSO while organizations get the cost-saving benefits of buying fewer devices and sharing them amongst employees. And both parties get peace of mind knowing critical data is kept safe and secure as the device moves from one worker to another.” Oscar Rambaldini, VP of Product Management at SOTI

Sharing devices among employees makes sense. For an organization of say, 1,000 employees running three shifts, buying approximately 333 devices and rotating them from one shift – and one worker – to the next is logical. It helps save a tremendous amount of money, too:


  • Buying 1,000 tablets for 1,000 employees = $332,950
  • Buying 333 tablets to share among 1,000 employees = $110,872.35

That’s a cost savings of $220,077.65 without any loss of employee productivity whatsoever when devices are shared.

If all devices are equal, the data on them are not. The data on Microsoft 365 apps that a warehouse manager needs to access are different than the data required by a dockworker in that same warehouse.

That’s where Microsoft Shared Device Mode with support from SOTI MobiControl comes in. It ensures all workers that sensitive data won’t be shared or passed along to subsequent users after they log out of a shared device. On the administrator side of things, they can rest assured that permissions aren’t transferred between employees as the device is shared and that all devices meet internal compliance standards.

The Importance of Supporting Shared Devices Among Frontline and Shift Workers

Globally, it’s estimated that up to 20% of workers are shift workers, with the retail (12% of retail employees work shifts), healthcare (45%) and manufacturing (14% work evening or night shifts) industries representing a large percentage of these workers.

Besides a heavy reliance on shift work, these industries – and their workers – also rely on technology. For example, retail workers use mobile devices to serve customers or access product information, while nurses (40% of whom work two- or three-shift schedules) use technology to intake or update patient data. But even though technology is critical, it’s not always available:

That disconnect between the amount of frontline or shift workers and the dearth of devices they need can be greatly attributed to the sheer cost of purchasing smartphones, tablets, etc. Sharing devices alleviates that cost greatly, and with SOTI MobiControl supporting Microsoft Shared Device Mode, ensures the right workers have access to the right data at the right time – all the time.

“Today’s world runs 24/7. Workers needs access to Microsoft 365 apps and data 24/7. But organizations can’t be buying devices 24/7; it’s just not financially feasible. Shared Device Mode by Microsoft is a smart solution that allows businesses to save money. SOTI is proud to support and enable this feature through our flagship product, SOTI MobiControl. With shared devices using SSO, multiple employees can use a single device throughout the day and night and have easy access to the apps available to them on the device. This truly empowers the frontline so they can be connected, productive and achieve more with less, 24/7.” Oscar Rambaldini, VP of Product Management at SOTI

Learn More about SOTI MobiControl Support for Microsoft Shared Device Mode

For additional information, check out Microsoft’s announcement on Shared Device Mode. Here’s how you can learn more about SOTI MobiControl: