Mobile Technology for Retail: When Less is More

A man making a credit card transaction in a retail store

Part of the in-store retail shopping experience is locating an on-floor sales associate and asking them for information on product capabilities, pricing, availability and return policies.

If the associate is available and knowledgeable, it tends to be a pleasant experience. If an associate is hard-to-find or doesn’t have the answers on-hand, the experience can be frustrating.

In the newest SOTI industry report, From Bricks to Clicks: State of Mobility in Retail 2021 Report, consumers say once it’s safe to return to stores, they still want the information sales staff can provide, but they want retailers to adopt in-store technology to limit interactions with in-store associates. The question for retailers is, what technology are shoppers looking for?

How can technology provide the same knowledge as an in-store associate?

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Customers Are Smarter Than Ever…But They Still Don’t Know Everything

Even before a customer walks into a store, they’re armed with pricing information, product features and specifications, user reviews and more.

It’s the information they can’t get beforehand that’s vital to the in-store experience, such as real-time product quantity, daily discount offers, a running tally of their purchase or available reward/loyalty points. They just don’t want to ask anyone for it:

  • 31% of consumers only want to interact with sales associates for checkout, anytime and anywhere, and bypass the cash register.

  • 24% say that if retailers provided them with mobile devices upon entry they could use in their hands or with their shopping carts to check product pricing and availability themselves, it would provide a better in-store experience.

  • 62% of shoppers say that they expect any safety measures put in place during COVID-19 to remain in place once the pandemic ends.

Getting customers in-and-out of physical stores as quickly as possible is paramount. It provides a safer shopping experience and allows for greater traffic and potentially higher revenues.

Maximizing the availability of in-store technology and minimizing interactions with in-store workers can accomplish this goal.

Lastly, limiting how, when and where customers engage with sales associates doesn’t mean a reduction in staff. Rather, it allows retailers to allocate workers to tasks, such as bringing items out for curbside pick-up or maintaining high-touch surfaces like self-checkout kiosks.

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