SOTI Connect & TSC Printronix Auto ID Make Printer Management Easy

TSC Printronix printer inside a warehouse and printing a shipping label

We here at SOTI are excited about our partnership with TSC Printronix Auto ID. A leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal printing solutions, TSC Printronix Auto ID has over 65 years of combined industry experience between their two brands, and over four million printers installed globally.

TSC Printronix Auto ID will be offering a series of barcode printers that are compatible with SOTI Connect, our IoT solution built for the enterprise that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organization. SOTI Connect provides complete lifecycle management of TSC Printronix Auto ID desktop, industrial and RFID printer models within your organization. SOTI Connect lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your labeling operations and improves the return on investment (ROI) of your IoT initiatives.

SOTI Connect’s highly flexible, data-driven architecture means new printers are quickly supported and managed, reducing deployment time for IoT initiatives. This enables end users to manage and maintain a fleet of TSC and Printronix Auto ID printers from a central dashboard which benefits them from the reduced cost and complexity of managing a myriad of IoT devices.

We sat down with Andy Edwards, Director of Product Management, TSC Printronix Auto ID, to ask him a few questions about our partnership:


  1. Can you explain the SOTI Connect and TSC Printronix Auto ID partnership in a couple of sentences?

    Our relationship with SOTI has been formed based on both a business and technical collaboration. Not only are we a distributor of SOTI solutions, but our engineering teams have aligned to develop a compelling printer management solution for our customer base.

  2. What problems does the SOTI Connect and TSC Printronix Auto ID solve?

    Large and small enterprises often have tens, hundreds or even thousands of thermal printers deployed in multiple locations, and sometimes around the world. IT staff need a unified tool to perform full-function printer management tasks from a remote location. Not only does this help increase efficiency and productivity, it also reduces the cost of onsite support staff, travel and third-party service deployment.

  3. What are the benefits of the SOTI Connect and TSC Printronix Auto ID solution, and how quickly do businesses start to experience them?

    The core benefits of SOTI Connect can be summarized by these four attributes: real-time visibility, alerts based on smart rules, the ability to do pre-emptive maintenance, and data collection. Collectively, these capabilities enable the customer to intelligently manage their printer assets, maximizing uptime and productivity, and ultimately providing cost savings for the organization. These savings begin when the first license is installed with an automatic enrollment procedure or broadcasting device configuration files.

  4. What kind of businesses would benefit from the SOTI Connect and TSC Printronix Auto ID solution? (e.g. size, industry, etc.)

    While SOTI Connect is a natural fit for enterprise accounts, the application is not limited by company size or industry. It allows for any size of company to manage their printers whether they are in one building or distributed over several buildings and locations. Further, the SOTI Connect functionality applies in all industries; retail, automotive, supply chain, healthcare and others.

  5. How do you see the SOTI Connect and TSC Printronix Auto ID solution evolving in the future?

    We highly value our relationship with SOTI and are already looking forward to developing new capabilities which provide even more compelling value for our customers.


In partnership with TSC Printronix Auto ID, we are looking forward to meeting the needs of our customers together. Click here to learn more on how SOTI and TSC Printronix Auto ID can help your organization deliver on what matters: increased reliability of an organization’s TSC Printronix Auto ID printer fleet and the quality of the materials being printed. Ready to get started? Get a 30-Day Free Trial of SOTI Connect along with the rest of the SOTI ONE Platform.