Accelerate Your Business 10X with SOTI XTreme Technology

Accelerate Your Business 10X with SOTI XTreme Technology

When SOTI President and CEO, Carl Rodrigues, laid down the challenge to improve file distribution performance by 10X, the response was, well…

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Once jaws were picked up off the floor, SOTI product experts and developers went to work on tackling this task.


After many late nights, early mornings, and performing test after test, the SOTI Development team cracked the code, and took Carl’s idea into reality with SOTI XTreme Technology.

What is SOTI XTreme Technology?

SOTI XTreme Technology is built into SOTI MobiControl, which is part of the SOTI ONE Platform.

At its core, SOTI XTreme Technology focuses on network and compression optimization. It’s an advanced algorithm which drastically improves the time it takes to distribute data and apps – and to synchronize files – from SOTI MobiControl to managed mobile devices out in the field.

Picture a remote retail location with 1,000 devices, and each device needing to be updated with five new apps.


That means SOTI MobiControl must perform 5,000 different actions. It must send the first app to all 1,000 devices, then the second, then the third, until all five apps have been sent to all 1,000 devices. Due to limited bandwidth connections, network speed between the devices and SOTI MobiControl can be slow, resulting in hours of updates.


With SOTI XTreme Technology we’ve optimized how data and app updates are sent to remote mobile devices so transfers can be completed much faster, with no latency. Part of SOTI XTreme Technology is SOTI XTreme Hub, enabling data and app transfers to be delivered to a single device inside the retail store. The same actions can be performed for 1,000, 10,000 or even 100,000 devices at the same time. What once took hours can now be done in minutes.


As a result:

  • End users get the data and tools they need to stay productive faster. No more “waiting for your turn” via staggered deliveries to receive critical updates.
  • Enterprise IT reduces the time mobile devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi or specific networks for SOTI MobiControl to send large, data-heavy apps and files.


So, What Is SOTI XTreme Hub?

The secret weapon that perfectly complements SOTI XTreme Technology is a new feature introduced in SOTI MobiControl v15.1 – SOTI XTreme Hub.

Think of it as a data delivery middleman for Android mobile devices. Using the example mentioned above, SOTI MobiControl performs 5,000 separate actions to deliver five apps to 1,000 mobile devices being used at a remote retail location. If every single app needs to be sent to each device, it would mean a large strain on the network connection.


But with SOTI XTreme Hub, those five new apps are sent to a central location (a Windows machine located at the remote retail location). Then, SOTI MobiControl tells those 1,000 devices, “Hey, there’s an update waiting for you at the SOTI XTreme Hub. Go get it.”

So instead of 5000 new apps being delivered in total, only five new apps are sent. This frees up bandwidth along the network and ensures all mobile devices are updated at once.


**SOTI XTreme Hub is only available to customers who subscribe to Premium or Enterprise Support.**


Without SOTI XtremeWith SOTI Extreme

SOTI XTreme Hub in Action

Why Do Businesses Need SOTI XTreme Technology?

During Carl’s keynote address at SOTI SYNC 2019, Accelerate Your Business 10X, he explained why it was important to improve performance tenfold:

“As our customers embrace mobility, they’re really trying to do more and more with these devices. So, what all this means is the sheer amount of data our systems are being tasked with to deliver is really increasing at a very fast rate. Of course, all of you want that data to be delivered in zero time.”


For large-scale enterprises that have a lot of Android devices, and are pushing out a lot of data, SOTI XTreme Technology opens a whole new set of opportunities.


Here’s an example of the power of SOTI XTreme Technology in action: The Development team performed a data delivery test that took 5 hours and 44 minutes to complete. Running the same test using SOTI XTreme Technology, the process took just 19 minutes.


With SOTI XTreme Technology, sending the same amount of data and apps only required 5% of the time it previously took to complete the same transfer! With other factors to keep in mind, like the speed of the network connection, size of files being transferred and even the types of files, the team also saw more conservative performance improvements between 40% to 70% as well.


Imagine how productive your business would be with that type of efficiency!



Boost Your Business-Critical Mobility Strategy with SOTI XTreme Technology

SOTI XTreme Technology is here. Built into SOTI MobiControl, our technology will ensure the updates your mobile workers need is delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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