SOTI MobiControl Simplifies the Migration of Zebra Devices to Android Enterprise

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Ever since Google doubled down on Android Enterprise, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are shifting from device admin (DA) based management to Android Enterprise device owner (DO) management (also known as Work Managed Device). Here’s why:


  • DA is limited. For many years, it has powered different types of device management apps. However, it provided a fragmented approach to management and lacked integration with Google Play. As of Android 10, DA has become depreciated.

  • DO is more robust and simplified. The Android Enterprise framework increases efficiency with enterprise-grade features like zero-touch enrollment (ZTE) for easy provisioning and tighter app management through the Managed Google Play Store. It also enables OEMs to support the custom management needs of their customers via an OEMConfig app.

Zebra Adopts Android Enterprise

Zebra Technologies, a global leader in rugged mobile computers and scanners has taken the lead with this initiative. A SOTI partner and fellow Android Enterprise Recommended solution, Zebra was an early adopter of Android on rugged, purpose-build devices and exemplifies the use of Android Enterprise and its benefits.

One Big Problem

Given the benefits Android Enterprise has to offer, why are some enterprises sticking with DA management rather than migrating to DO management? The issue is that it can’t be done remotely. Organizations want to migrate existing devices to Android Enterprise and DO, but there isn’t a simple, efficient way to do it.


To migrate from Android Enterprise’s predecessor, the DA-enabled Android Device Management (ADM), devices must be returned to the office, factory reset, and re-enrolled as a new device. All data on the device is wiped – including the connection setting of the SOTI MobiControl agent – which requires provisioning as you would a new device.


It’s a time-consuming, cumbersome process. It also makes it very difficult to update rugged devices, such as those manufactured by Zebra, while they’re out working in the field. Imagine the tremendous effort it would take, having to bring in and manually update each of these devices.

The Solution: Zebra Android Enterprise Migration with SOTI MobiControl

The first functionality solution of its kind in the market, migration from DA to DO and Android Enterprise availability on Zebra devices, allows administrators to seamlessly migrate a device to Android Enterprise without losing any crucial configurations such as:


  • Connectivity profiles (Wi-Fi, APN and VPN)
  • Custom data rules
  • Alert rules (device events and device status)
  • Data collection rules

All connection configurations are stored during migration, so you don’t lose the manageability of your devices. And this is all done without the need for end user input or a factory reset.


As for third party apps, all data remains the same after the migration. There is no need to reinstall, repopulate or reset app settings once the migration is complete.


Currently, this state-of-the-art functionality from SOTI MobiControl is only available on Zebra devices.

How This Helps

  • You: From a single pane of glass, you can remotely migrate all your Zebra devices in minutes. There’s no need to manually receive, update and ship devices back out to get configured. You get back more time to focus on other responsibilities.

  • Your workers: Without requiring the device to leave their hands, your employees can stay productive and leverage the new features and functionality found in Android Enterprise.

  • Your organization: How much would it cost for all your Zebra devices to be shipped to you and then shipped back? How much productivity would be lost waiting for manual migrations to be completed? With Zebra Android Enterprise migration from SOTI, the answer to both is virtually zero.


What is the minimum SOTI MobiControl server version that supports Android Enterprise Migration?

  • SOTI MobiControl version 14.4.5/15.0.2

What is the minimum Android Plus agent version that supports Android Enterprise Migration?

  • Agent version 14.1.1 and higher

Which Android OS version is supported for Android Enterprise Migration?

  • Android OS 7.0

What is the minimum MX version required on Zebra devices to support Android Enterprise Migration?

  • 8956 N LG20, TC2x N LG14

What happens to offline devices?

  • Android Enterprise Migration process will start on the next device check-in as soon as it comes online.

Do I have to update my Zebra device with Android Enterprise Migration?

  • No. If you are satisfied with your Zebra devices as they are, there is no obligation to migrate to Android Enterprise.


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Zebra Android Enterprise migration from SOTI is an exciting, revolutionary development that enables organizations to access all the latest features of Android Enterprise with just a few clicks.


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