SOTI joins Google in Raising the Bar of Excellence for Android Management in the Enterprise

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Enterprises are rapidly embracing AndroidTM devices. Hundreds of millions of Android smartphones are being used in businesses, representing the vast majority of the smartphone shipments for business use. GoogleTM’s focus on the enterprise is a key reason for this growth, with initiatives such as the Android Enterprise Recommended program, which makes it easier for companies to find the best devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google. Now, Google has introduced the Android Enterprise Recommended program for EMM solutions to recognize EMM providers with the most comprehensive technical solutions and knowledgeable teams focused on modern Android security and management. SOTI MobiControl is among the validated EMM solutions. This reflects SOTI’s leadership in Android management, which is delivered through our SOTI Android+ technology - a management framework that delivers better management, and reduces downtime of business-critical Android deployments. Android Enterprise Recommended for EMM solutions and SOTI Android+ are raising the bar of excellence for Android management in the enterprise.


Why Android Enterprise Recommended for EMM Solutions?

The Android Enterprise Recommended program for EMM solutions provides three key benefits for companies:


1. Simplifies the selection of an EMM provider

It can be challenging for IT departments to find the right EMM solution and vendor that will secure and manage their Android deployment now and for the foreseeable future. This program simplifies the selection of an EMM provider by ensuring recommended providers offer comprehensive support for enterprise management use cases, have a direct working relationship with Google to escalate issues, and have EMM professionals that are fully trained on deploying Android Enterprise.


2. Consistent approach to Android management

With the end of support of Device Administrator (DA) based management solutions in the next version of Android, Android Enterprise is the prescribed way of managing Android devices moving forward. Solutions validated as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program makes it easier for enterprises to migrate to and leverage Android Enterprise, by ensuring recommended providers prioritize Android Enterprise as the primary method in their consoles for managing Android devices. Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solutions provide clear documentation for configuring, and migrating to Android Enterprise, as well as provide Android  certified and trained staff to help their customers successfully deploy Android devices.  The program ensures companies have a consistent approach to Android management using Android Enterprise.   


3. Current, up to date support for latest Android

As Google evolves the security and management capabilities of Android Enterprise, the Android Enterprise Recommended program evolves in lock-step to enable companies to take advantage of those capabilities. EMM providers will adhere to updated standards and will ensure their sales and technical specialists remain up to date on the latest Android platform features through close collaboration and regular training from Google. Companies investing in Android Enterprise Recommended EMM solutions will benefit from the latest security and management capabilities that Android Enterprise offers.

How does SOTI MobiControl deliver more for customers deploying Android?

Companies that use Android devices for their business-critical operations need the best possible security, management and uptime of their devices - that’s why we developed our Android+ technology for SOTI MobiControl. SOTI Android+ enables companies to use the broad benefits of Android Enterprise management as well as the focused benefits of OEM-specific management simultaneously. Plus, it adds unique features to help eliminate mobile downtime and provides greater control over devices to prevent problems from happening in the first place. And if problems do occur, SOTI Mobicontrol offers the industry’s best remote control to fix them quickly and easily. SOTI Mobicontrol helps eliminate Android device downtime, keeping business operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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