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Near 100% Reliability in a Zero Trust World

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SOTI MobiControl Cloud gives you access to the same industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) features you expect and count on in your own secured and unshared single-tenant cloud instance.

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Security. Reliability. Scalability. Ease of deployment. These are the essential elements of your EMM strategy and why you choose SOTI MobiControl to manage your mobile device fleet.

SOTI MobiControl Cloud delivers those same benefits, while allowing you to cut back costs and boost overall productivity. Ask yourself: Can your business take advantage of the following?

  • 99.9% Uptime

    Downtime isn’t an option for your mobile devices. SOTI’s world-class cloud service providers offer an uptime of almost 100%. View the SOTI MobiControl Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Automatically Backup & Restore

    Get peace of mind knowing critical data is automatically saved at regular intervals and restored with accuracy whenever you need it to be.
  • Secure Access to Cloud Data

    You can choose an instance that is unshared and will be ISO 27001 certified for total independence and control over your infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery

    SOTI MobiControl Cloud is built with safeguards to restore your instance – should disaster strike – with minimal interruption.
  • Rapid Scalability

    As your device deployment grows, SOTI MobiControl Cloud scales up right along with it.
  • Deployment in Minutes

    Device deployment after migration from on-premise only takes minutes. Make the switch without having to plan for excessive downtime.

Low Cost, High Value

Two common misperceptions about cloud adoption are assumptions that it’s “too expensive to implement” and “too complicated to manage.”

In reality, SOTI MobiControl Cloud helps your bottom line and puts more time back in your day. Here’s how:

Ongoing On-Premise Costs Ongoing Cloud Costs
  • Fixes, patches and upgrades applications
  • Customization and integration rewrites
  • Upgrading dependent applications
  • Maintaining and upgrading system hardware, security and databases
  • Subscription fee
  • Training
  • Configurations

Are You Ready to Migrate to SOTI MobiControl Cloud?

Migrating from on-premise to cloud is done with minimal disruption and downtime to your business-critical mobile operations, and the benefits begin immediately.



Managing SOTI MobiControl Cloud is easy because real-time server monitoring is handled by the SOTI Support Team. Low-touch maintenance and worry-free troubleshooting lets us resolve issues before they impact you and your business.

Meanwhile, you still get full control over all your SOTI MobiControl upgrade requests. For additional peace of mind, you choose the geographic location of your cloud servers based on a pool of available locations.

Cloud licenses follow the traditional software as a service (SaaS) model. You only pay for yearly licenses. It’s the true definition of pay and play.

Be Better in the Cloud

All aspects of your business can improve from incorporating SOTI MobiControl Cloud:

  • Be Totally Adaptable
  • Be Completely Compliant
  • Be Competitively Ahead
  • Be Data-Driven
  • Be Operationally Sound
  • Be Financially Responsible
  • Businessman holding a tablet and explaining what's on the screen to his colleagues.

    As your mobile device fleet expands, SOTI MobiControl Cloud can handle the extra demands of any device type, any device make and any operating system (OS) (Android, Apple, Linux, Windows).

  • Office workers sitting at desks and using various types of devices and endpoints.

    Proactively meet the ongoing regulatory needs of your industry to ensure ongoing compliance. Protect devices and data in proper accordance and avoid costly non-compliance penalties and fines.

  • Finger pressing on an iPad with an open laptop in the background.

    Accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Introduce and take advantage of leading-edge technology to expedite go-to-market (GTM) timelines and better serve your customers.

  • Man holding a tablet displaying SOTI MobiControl performance information

    SOTI MobiControl Cloud lets you harness the power of data and analytics. Armed with deep insight, you can make informed decisions on how to move your mobile strategy forward.

  • Collage of an office worker, field services worker and physician all using various smartphones.

    Enhance operational capacity and eliminate unnecessary overhead costs. Discover new efficiencies and improve system reliability and end user productivity.

  • Older man using a tablet in a warehouse environment

    Reduce operating costs and unlock new revenue opportunities for your business. Shift from a long-term CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) model to a more scalable OPEX (Operational Expenditure) model.

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