The Last Mile Sprint:
State of Mobility in
Transportation and Logistics

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When consumers order products online, they want them delivered as fast and inexpensively as possible. For the transportation and logistics (T&L) industry, the biggest challenge in meeting these expectations isn’t getting the goods out of the warehouse and onto delivery trucks – it’s the final stretch leading up to the consumer’s front door.

Last-mile delivery strategies have never been more important and can make the difference in keeping a customer or having them take their business elsewhere. With your copy of The Last Mile Sprint: State of Mobility in Transportation and Logistics report, you’ll learn the delivery challenges the T&L industry is facing and how mobile technology helps solve them.

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See what T&L executives in six key markets – U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia – worry about and the steps they’re taking today to adopt mobile technology and transform their business.

  • Inability to Upscale During COVID-19

    Inability to Upscale During COVID-19

    37% of T&L companies with outdated tech were prevented from sufficiently upscaling during the crisis.
  • Supply Chain Visibility

    Supply Chain Visibility

    46% of T&L companies with a mobile-first strategy say it has enabled them to gain visibility into critical aspects of their supply chain.
  • Customer Loss

    Customer Loss

    50% of T&L execs say outdated tech has caused or will cause them to lose customers.
  • Better Customer Experiences

    Better Customer Experiences

    76% of T&L companies believe an effective mobile-first strategy for last-mile delivery enables more powerful and transparent customer experiences.
      • Inefficient Processes

        Inefficient Processes

        61% of T&L organizations say last-mile delivery is the most inefficient process in their supply chain.

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