One Size Does Not Fit All

Business mobility may be pervasive, but not everyone goes about it the same way. SOTI realizes that every industry, in fact, every business has unique requirements. One size definitely does not fit all. We have leveraged years of experience across multiple verticals to deliver secure and industry optimized mobility management solutions. We deliver all the features required by each and every unique customer.

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  • Field Services

    Mobility is the bread and butter of the Field Services industry.  Field Service workers need their mobile devices to perform their jobs; communicating with the back office, executing work orders,... Read More

  • Healthcare & Home Care

    Like most industries, mobility is making a huge impact in healthcare and home care. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners are using their smartphones and tablets for basic communicat... Read More

  • Retail

    Mobility is changing the retail landscape, influencing the shopping experience, and touching every part of the value chain. In response to these changes, retailers are creating business mobility ... Read More

  • Transportation & Logistics

    Whether you move people or products, mobility is revolutionizing your industry. The logistics and transport industries are seeing a growing reliance on mobile devices to improve customer service,... Read More

  • Manufacturing

    Mobile technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry from the outside-in; driven by customer service, and from the inside-out; required for process improvement. This trend is being acc... Read More