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Growth at SOTI

Growth is part of everything we do at SOTI. Sure the company has doubled in size over the last couple of years, but equally as important to us is personal growth. How are you better, smarter, or wiser today than you were yesterday? We support growth in many different ways; from weekly informal bullpen sessions with company visionaries to full professional development support and the SOTI Academy. Having 3 Lunch n' Learns a month to bi-weekly Tech Talks, monthly leadership trainings, a mentoring series and regular formal trainings are just a sample of the programs in place. All talent that joins SOTI is given opportunities to engage, improve and collaborate in an environment that pushes them to their limits and beyond.

Innovation at SOTI

Our commitment to innovation began with our founder's vision over 20 years ago and continues just as strongly today. It's not just looking at the latest technology and blindly implementing into our solutions - though we do get to play and interact with cool new stuff! It's more about looking at the problem from a different angle and pushing ourselves to think bigger to come up with a solution. Utilizing initiatives such as SOTI Jolt and having dedicated employees and programs help to formalize our approach. But it starts with listening to our customers, to the market and to each other and then using that knowledge in our quest to push the boundary of what is possible. It is hard work, but when the product is working flawlessly in the hands of thousands of customers, the buzz, the feeling of success is unequaled. And best part is? We get to do it all over again.

Fun at SOTI

Work / life balance is important at SOTI. Of course we want you to work hard, but as the saying goes, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", and we don't want dull boys or girls here. With so many different ways to have fun and express ourselves; foosball and table tennis in the lunch room, multiple sports leagues 4 nights a week, board game nights, and lots of amazing company events such as full day picnics and our annual holiday parties. It is almost impossible not to have fun. Our goal is to become the best technology company in Canada, as we bring the intensity on and off the field.

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Career Profiles

  • Development

    Developing innovative solutions for smartphones and tablets is exciting, challenging and fun - and now that IoT is here, we will see lots of new tech and toys like drones, AR goggles, and wearable computers. SOTI makes it easy to manage ALL mobile devices and their applications, content and security. The developers that SOTI is looking for must love new technology and want to work with cutting edge tools to create innovative new products in exciting markets.

    We're looking for:
    • Software/Technical Architect
    • Senior Software Developer
    • Software Developer
    We have roles in:
    • Mississauga, Canada
    • Waterloo, Canada
    • Gurgaon, India
  • Quality Assurance

    Good Quality Assurance workers are different; they love new technology and are driven to take things apart to see how they work. SOTI is looking for the best kind of Quality Assurance professionals; the ones that take pride in breaking code and finding program defects. At SOTI, you will be a member of a multi-disciplinary development team and you will be equally responsible for the timely release of high quality products.

    We're looking for:
    • Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
    We have roles in:
    • Mississauga, Canada
    • Gurgaon, India
  • Technical Support

    At SOTI, Tech Support is not an afterthought, it is a core competency and we are serious about staffing it with the right people and providing the right tools. In head to head comparisons with our competition, SOTI always comes out on top for responsive and effective tech support. We want people who love the challenges of interacting with customers and working with cutting edge technology.

    We're looking for:
    • Technical Support Specialist
    • Bilingual Technical Support Specialist (French, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese)
    We have roles in:
    • Mississauga, Canada
    • Solihull, United Kingdom
    • Gurgaon, India
    • Notting Hill, Australia

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