Enroll Devices Using Android Management API (AMAPI)

About this task

This procedure describes the specific settings required to enroll devices using AMAPI when creating Android enrollment policies.


  1. From the main menu, select Policies > Enrollment. The Enrollment Policies view is displayed.
  2. Click New Enrollment Policy. The Enrollment Policy wizard launches.
  3. On the General view, click Managed and select at least one enterprise account (mandatory).
    Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy General Tab
  4. On Device Type view, select Work Profile, then enable Enroll via Android Management API.
    Android Enrollment Policy Device Type view
  5. Complete the profile then click Finish. An enrollment URL is generated for use when enrolling your devices.
    Android Enrollment Policy Info view
  6. Once devices are successfully enrolled, go to the Devices view on the main menu. Notice that the devices enrolled via IMAPI are identified. Under Device Details, Enrolled by Android Management API indicates Yes.
  7. Next, configure device settings via profiles. To do this, select Profiles from main menu.
  8. Create a new profile then select Work Profile.
  9. Under Configurations, click +Add button. The following profiles are available for AMAPI:
    • Authentication
    • Application Run Control
    • Browser
    • Browser Proxy
    • Feature Control
    • Web Filter
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bookmarks
    • Email: Exchange for Gmail
    • Managed Google Play