Migrating Devices to the ELM Agent

Before you begin

This procedure requires an internet connection. If your SOTI MobiControl deployment or devices are offline, see Samsung On-Premises Activation Server for an offline alternative.

Physical interaction with the device is required. Ensure the device is in a trusted location or has a trusted representative available nearby.

About this task

The previous Platform-Signed Samsung device agent is no longer supported by SOTI MobiControl. If you are upgrading from SOTI MobiControl v13.3 or earlier and your deployment contains Samsung devices using the Platform-Signed agent, you must migrate those devices over to the Samsung enterprise license management (ELM) agent. The Samsung ELM agent provides more advanced policies as part of Samsung's ELM standardized MDM policy list.

The Samsung ELM agent is supported on devices running Android 4.2.2 or later.

Note: When migrating entire device groups at once, the migration will skip any devices that are already using an ELM agent, that are using a non-Samsung agent, or that are Samsung devices that do not support ELM.

To migrate devices to the ELM agent:


  1. On the Android Plus tab, select the Devices tab.
  2. Right-click on a device or device group and select Agent Upgrade > Migrate to ELM Agent to send the SOTI MobiControl ELM agent to supported devices.
Perform this step on the device:
  1. Select Accept when prompted to initiate the activation of ELM and complete the migration.
    There may be multiple prompts depending on the device model or operating system.


Device policies that were applied to the device are rolled back and re-applied during the migration process. If you experience issues with your device policies after the migration, verify that they were re-applied correctly. Script commands to toggle settings are not rolled back as SOTI MobiControl's Android Plus agents do not store which script commands were previously applied. Some script commands are not supported by the ELM agent and therefore may not work after migration.

Review your profile filter criteria for all Android Plus profiles to ensure that they are not targeted to the non-ELM agent.

Note: If the migration to the ELM agent fails, because the ELM agent will not install on the device or because the ELM activation was unsuccessful, the non-ELM agent will re-apply the device policies it rolled back and revert to its original state prior to attempting the ELM migration.