Using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

The Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) platform allows administrators to quickly and easily bulk enroll Samsung Android devices and apply MDM policies to them with minimal device user interaction. After you configure Samsung KME and link it to your SOTI MobiControl instance, your devices will be automatically enrolled into SOTI MobiControl as soon as they are activated.

Note: If you need to build specific whitelists to access license servers, Samsung maintains a list of URLs and endpoints for Samsung ELM servers and Knox license servers on their Firewall Exceptions page.

Samsung KME is supported on Samsung Android devices running Samsung Knox 2.4 or later.

See Samsung KME documentation for more information.

Note: The Samsung Knox Workspace secure container is another component of the Samsung MDM platform but it is completely independent of Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment. You do not need to enable one to use the other. See Using the Samsung Knox Container for more information.