Migration from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise Managed Device

Zebra Technologies has deprecated its Android Device Administrator functionality in favor of Android Enterprise's capabilities. If your deployment contains Zebra Android devices, you may need to transition from Device Administrator to the Android Enterprise Managed Device option. Transitioning Zebra devices from Device Administrator to Android Enterprise is a simple process in SOTI MobiControl.

This section contains the following topics:

To migrate your Zebra Android Classic devices to Android Enterprise, they must meet all the following criteria:

  • Running Android 7.0 or later

    Zebra devices in the 8965 family must also have BSP: 01.01.49 - LifeGuard Update 20 (September 2019) or later installed

  • Running Zebra MX or later
  • Enrolled as device administrator
  • Have no accounts, Google or otherwise, activated on the device

Additionally, you must upgrade the Android Classic device agent on the device to v14.1.0 or later before proceeding.

The following data from your devices will be migrated:

  • Connectivity profile configurations (WiFi, APN, VPN, and so on)
  • Custom Data settings
  • Alert rules (Device Events, Device Status)
  • Data Collection Rules

All other data, including app catalog rule data, will not be migrated.

Once you have determined if migration to Android Enterprise suits your deployment strategy, you need to request a migration certificate from Zebra technologies.

Note: Devices that do not meet the criteria will remain as Android Classic. However, all devices running Android 9.0 or later must be enrolled as Android Enterprise.