Android Enterprise Corporate Personal

On a Corporate Personal device, the organization manages the entire device but allocates a portion (or 'container') of the device for the personal apps and data of the device user. Because the entire device is managed, you can apply management policies to both the main device and the Personal Profile, though the Personal Profile does maintain some limitations in access and oversight to provide privacy for the device user.

Android Enterprise Corporate Personal is supported on Android 8.0 or later.

To enroll a device as a Corporate Personal device, follow the instructions at Creating an Android Enterprise Device Policy. Devices can only be enrolled as Corporate Personal device during the initial device setup process. If your device is already active, you need to factory reset it to enroll it as Corporate Personal.

Work Apps

The managed Google Play Store allows MDM administrators to distribute work versions of apps and restrict which apps users can download from the Google Play onto their Android Enterprise devices. To use the managed Google Play store, you need to set up an Enterprise Binding. Learn more at Android Enterprise Bindings.

If you don't plan to use the managed Google Play Store, you don't need to worry about enterprise bindings. During enrollment, choose Skip Google Account Addition During Enrollment on Managed Android Devices. You can still install apps to devices using packages.