SOTI MobiControl Stage Programmer

The SOTI MobiControl Stage Programmer app facilitates rapid enrollment and deployment of Android Enterprise Work Managed devices. SOTI MobiControl administrators download the app on a 'master' device and use it to transmit enrollment settings to the rest of their device fleet. You can send enrollment settings by NFC bump or by scanning a QR code depending on the receiving device's capabilities. The SOTI MobiControl Stage Programmer app process occurs at the Welcome screen of the Android device setup wizard, bypassing the entire setup wizard for rapid provisioning.

To provision via NFC bump, the receiving device must:

  • Support NFC out of the box
  • Have Android 6.0 or later installed
  • Be compatibility test suite (CTS) or Google mobile services (GMS) certified

To provision via QR Code, the receiving device must:

  • Have Android 7.0 or later installed
  • Be Google mobile services (GMS) certified