Zero-Touch Enrollment

The zero-touch enrollment process simplifies the enrollment of Android Enterprise corporately owned devices into authorized MDMs. When a device first turns on and connects to the internet, via cellular or WiFi networks, the device immediately checks if it has been assigned an enterprise configuration. If it has, the device pulls down the configuration details and proceeds to enroll according to the configuration instructions.

Use zero-touch enrollment with SOTI MobiControl to rapidly enroll your Android Enterprise devices with minimal effort from both administrators and device users.

To use zero-touch enrollment, your devices must:

  • Be purchased from an enterprise reseller or a Google partner. Find a reseller or partner on the Android site's Partners list.
  • Be running Android 8.0 or later
    • Google Pixel phones running Android 7.0 are also eligible
  • Be on the list of supported devices.
Note: Zero-touch enrollment is an external process managed through Google. Learn how to sign up at Android Enterprise Help - Zero-Touch Enrollment.

After you've purchased your devices and set up your zero-touch account, use the zero-touch portal to add your devices and assign them a SOTI MobiControl configuration profile (add devices rule). See Adding SOTI MobiControl Enrollment Settings to Zero-Touch Enrollment for instructions.