Remove a SOTI Cloud Link Agent

About this task

Note: If your LDAP connection is behind a firewall, deleting its SOTI Cloud Link Agent will block its connection to SOTI Identity and it can no longer be used for authentication.

To disconnect and remove a SOTI Cloud Link Agent from your LDAP connection and SOTI Identity account:


  1. On the Directories/IdP view, open the LDAP connection with the SOTI Cloud Link Agent you want to delete.
  2. Click Manage beside SOTI Cloud Link Agent.
  3. Hover over the SOTI Cloud Link Agent you want to delete and click Delete, then Delete again in the confirmation box.
  4. Close the Configure LDAP dialog box.


The selected LDAP connection will no longer route its traffic through a SOTI Cloud Link Agent.

What to do next

Uninstall the SOTI Cloud Link Agent from your computer. Visit SOTI Cloud Link Agent: Uninstall SOTI Cloud Link Agent for details.