Device Actions

The Device Actions menu contains a list of actions that can be performed on the selected device.

Although many actions are common to all device types, other actions are specific to a particular device type. For example, the Set Brightness action would appear on the menu only if the device is a light.

The following table lists the device actions that are common to all device types.

Apply Configuration Opens the Apply Configuration dialog, where you can select a configuration to apply to the device.
Change Label Opens the Enter Device Label dialog in which you can enter a new device label.
Check In Synchronizes the running state of the device with its physical state.

For a description of the difference between a device's running state in SOTI Connect and its physical state, see the glossary entry for running state.

Copy or move to group Opens the Move to Group dialog box, where you can specify which group to move device to or make a copy in.
Create SOTI XSight Ticket Opens the Create SOTI XSight Ticket dialog box in which you can create a SOTI XSight incident for the device.
Note: The URL for a SOTI XSight instance must be entered under the SOTI One Configuration section of the Global Settings view.
Remove From Group Removes the device from its current device group.

After it has been removed from the group, the device can still be found by selecting View All Devices.

Rename Opens the Rename Device dialog box in which you can enter a new name for the device.
Set Device Model Opens the Set Device Model dialog box in which you can enter new model information for the device.
Set Flag Enables you to set a flag that indicates the status of the device.
Unenroll Unenrolls the device from SOTI Connect.

Unenrolled devices are moved from the Devices view to the Rejected Devices tab in the New Devices pane of the Alerts view.

View Reports Enables you to view reports for the selected device in the Reports view.