Using Macros

You can use macros to automatically pull information from your devices and input it as a value into SOTI Connect. For example, when enrolling devices, you can instruct SOTI Connect to name devices based on data specific to each.

You can also use macros when setting up an enrolment rule to auto-name a device upon discovery or approval.

Note: No device check-in is required for the following macros.
Description Macro
Device Label %DEVICELABEL%
Device Manufacturer %MANUFACTURER%
Device Model %MODEL%
Device Serial Number %SERIAL_NUMBER%
Device Type %DEVICETYPE%
Version %VERSION%

Macros are added to an action as part of Automatic Approval. You must enter macros as they appear here in the text prompt.

For example, ‘Warehouse Printer %DEVICEID%’ would result in SOTI Connect naming the first enrolled device ‘Warehouse Printer 3’, where '3' is the device ID.